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Veteran Remodels and HISA/VA grants for Greater Alabama

We consider it an honor to assist in building veterans accessible and useful homes. Once you have received approval from the VA, we may modify your bathroom so that it complies with ADA standards while maximizing your budget with VA grant packages. 

To find out more about the grant program, go to the Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) – Rehabilitation and Prosthetic Services ( webpage. To find out more about remodeling alternatives, contact us right away.

Serving Local Veterans

Heroes who have served our country and are still doing so are all around us. Once you have received approval from the VA, it is a honor for the team at TDR Contracting to work with you to modify your house using the VA’s Adapted Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans (VA HISA Grant). 

To learn more about the HISA Grant, click on the link provided: Rehabilitation and prosthetic services under the heading of “Home Improvements and Structural Alterations” (

We can manage all aspect of your remodeling project, including design, finishes, plumbing, and electricity. With our full-service remodeling strategy, you may collaborate with our dependable staff at every stage. Our crew has years of working with VA grant restrictions, and many of our contractors and installers are also veterans.

In order to provide you with the best deal on the finest quality remodel, we have assisted numerous veterans with upgrading their bathrooms to ADA compliant spaces and maximizing the funds from the VA grant.


The HISA (Home Improvements and Structural Alterations) grant provides improvements and structural alterations that are deemed to be medically necessary for disabled veterans.

These improvements include:

  • Allowing for an easier entrance and exit from the home
  • Ability to use essential bathroom facilities
  • Making sinks and countertops accessible
  • Improving plumbing/electrical systems for medical equipment
  • Improving entrance paths or driveways in immediate areas for permanent ramping

HISA will not pay for:

  • Walkways to exterior buildings
  • Widening of driveways
  • Hot tubs or Jacuzzi tubs
  • Exterior decking

I have the HISA grant. Now what?

The next thing you should do is get in touch with us after receiving your HISA cash. TDR Contracting has expertise in ADA compliance and can make the most of funding to provide you with the greatest makeover for the least amount of money. To find out more about our services for VA Remodels, click here.

Your complete remodeling project can be managed by the staff at TDR Contracting, including design, finishes, plumbing, and electrical. To start developing a strategy to make your home work for you, get in touch with us right away.

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